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Coaches Checklist

Coaches Checklist

1.  Review Suburban League Website Coaches Checklist (10U and up)

2.  Sign up for tournaments.  CRFA pays for 2 tournaments per team.  Do this as early as possible, some tournaments fill up fast.  (10U and up)

             Suburban League Tournament Link

             Fastsports Tournament Link

3.  Review team book contents (CRFA provides this)

·         Players birth certificates and photos

·         Coaches Concussion Certificate

·         Roster (for tournaments, qualifer, state and nationals)

4.  Hold a Parents meeting

  • Invite the Players / Team Representative (for your level)
  • All parent / coach / player disputes or issues should be resolved through the CRFA Team Representative for your level. Please allow a 24hr cool down period with all disputes. Do Not Contact the Suburban League, they have no jurisdiction.
  • Communicate Practice / Game / Tournament Schedule
  • Recruit a field prep volunteer.  This person is responsible for preparing the field for all home games.
  • Recruit a team manager.  This person helps the coach out with administrative duties such as team communication.

5.  Field Sharing - There typically is a field practice/game schedule that needs to be filled out to reserve a field for practice times.

6.  Communicate any HOME game changes to the CRFA Board Scheduler as umpires will need to be rescheduled. (10U and up)

7.  Base box keys will open base boxes at Cardinal Woods and Moor Park.  Prospect Park and the HS have lock boxes that have the Prospect base box and the HS dugout keys.  Contact the CRFA Equipment manager for keys or lock box codes.

8.  Make sure bases and any extra pitching plates are locked up in the base boxes after all practices.  Leave home plate and 1st base on the field.

9.  Base boxes have bases, and all the tools necessary for game field preparation except a chalker, rake and chalk.  See below for field preparation directions.

10.  A chalker, rake and chalk are stored in the big maroon construction box at Moor Park.  Your base box key will unlock the box.  In the event you have a game at Prospect Park or Cardinal Woods Park make arrangements with Mark Bauck to get a rake, chalker and chalk at least a week in advance.

How to Create a Roster

Go to this page for instructions and a link to the roster creation form:

When you are done creating your roster, go to:

Find your team in the list, click Roster, and print. This will have to work until the roster exporter works.

Rob Dane


To Schedule or Reschedule

Contact Jason Nevala to schedule or reschedule your league games.

Payment for Tournaments

Contact John Lom regarding payment for your team's tournaments.

New Position Open

Equipment Manager

Equipment Needs

Contact Mark Bauck for any equipment or field needs.