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to the Coon Rapids Fastpitch Association Website!

Mission Statement

The primary objective of this site is to serve CRFA's membership and improve communications. CRFA seeks to provide a community and volunteer-driven program to promote the growth and development of our softball players. CRFA works to promote a fun, fair, and safe environment that maximizes participation and improves players' softball skills while developing sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-confidence.

Softball Season is almost here!

                Registration for Spring/Summer Leagues will open soon.

Mark your calendars! Evaluations will take place on

Sunday, February 28th

At the CRHS Field House

*Specific times for each age group will be communicated at a later date.

*Location is subject to change due to covid 19

Registration for the 2021 season must be completed by February 28 when evaluations take place.

8U: Players born in 2012 & Younger

10U: Players born in 2010 & 2011

12U: Players born in 2008 & 2009

14U: Players born in 2006 & 2007

16U/18U: Players born in 2002, 2003,

2004 & 2005

Registration Fee for 10U and up is $300 and includes a uniform.   Discounts for first time CRFA players and referrals of first time CRFA players.  Check our website for more information.

8U Fees are $50 and include a t-shirt.

*Financial assistance may be available.



Most of the questions asked can be answered by reading the MNBaseballSoftballGuidelines.  If you had specific questions on what changes or how social distancing will be attempted please refer to this document.

Q:  Any potential refunds or discounts? 

A:  No decisions have been made yet.  The CRFA board will make every attempt to make a fair decision for all.

Q:  Season timeline? 

A:  Proposed timeline is for teams to be allowed to start practicing 18 May.  Games start 1 June.  Tournaments maybe starting 5 June.    All this is pending approval by the State of Minnesota.  It is a safe assumption that the end of year tournaments will not be pushed out later in the summer.

Q: Will there be fans or is this going to be children alone 

A:  The plan outlines a restricted amount of fans.  See plan for more details.

Q:  Would hope to reduce travel. Eliminate large tourneys. The smaller the circle the better. 

A:  We are assuming that the state qualifier and state tournaments would go on as planned.  CRFA does not have any control of this other than to opt out of tournaments.

Q:  with not knowing dates with when or how long may interfere with the other possibility of camp this summer as well. 

A:  Refer to season timeline above.

Q:  I have concerns about 8u girls leaving a mask alone for any length of time. They are fidgety, and will be messing with masks. Also, how do you social distance a catcher and batter? Could you just forgo a catcher and use a net instead since the girls don't steal at this age any way? 

A:  These are concerns with the CRFA board as well.  8U batter/catcher restrictions would be a responsibility of the Soderville League.  We think it is a safe assumption that 10U and above will play with a catcher.

Q:  What kind of guidlines do you have for playing. Like tagging for outs kids in dugout what about the protection to the catcher and batter.

A:  The guidelines were not developed by CRFA, they were developed by MN Softball, Gopher State Baseball and Metro State Baseball.  Players in the dugout has been addressed in the plan, unfortunately tag outs and catcher / batter social distancing has not.  Please read the guidelines very carefully, there are not many REQUIREMENTS, mostly SUGGESTIONS.

Q: Will the girls wear masks in the dugouts?

A:  Masks are recommended for all in attendance (please note they are not required)

Q:  I'm just not convinced that this game can be played safely when the very basic tenets of the game -throwing/catching one ball, tagging, batter/catcher, coaching - by their very nature make distancing impossible. How will dugouts work? And what about spectating? Too many questions & what-ifs right now. Even if the stay home order is lifted, the virus is still a thing.

A:  MN Softball is attempting to provide a relatively safe option to play.  Dugout protocol and spectating are addressed in the MN Softball Plan.  Please review.  This is a risk/reward trade-off that will need to be assessed by each individual family.  Participation is optional.


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