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Fall Ball

2018 Fall Ball

2018 Fall Ball League


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Fall league is an opportunity to keep playing games and developing skills.

This includes the requirement for divisions of play and then allowing for competition to determine just what level a team will reach for league championship play.

It is simple when figuring out what age class you will compete at for fall just ask yourself what age group you will be part of next summer.

If you are still 8 or younger on December 31st, then you can play 8U.

If you are still 10 or younger on December 31st, then you can play 10U.

If you are still 12 or younger on December 31st, then you can play 12U.

If you are still 14 or younger on December 31st, then you can play 14U.

If you are still 16 or younger on December 31st, then you can play 16U


Fall League provides an opportunity for your players to learn about the game and gain experience-playing fastpitch.  Because of fall weather conditions, all games are rain or shine decision to play is made at the fields by the 2 coaches and umpires in agreement, 1/2 hour delay if lightning is present, all games will be scheduled for 1 hour and 5 minutes- allowing for the last inning to be completed, and one inning using the tie breaker rule if the game is tied.  Free substitution and round-robin batting is mandatory.  5 runs per inning rule during 3-week league play for 10U, 12U with 10U keeping the rule the entire season.

Schedule:  Every week schedules are re done by record.  For example.  Week 1= A team ranked a 5 will be scheduled against a team ranked a 5.  After week 1, teams with a record of 2-0 play against 2-0 teams, 1-1 vs 1-1, 0-2 vs 0-2.  Every week we look at the schedule  

Games are scheduled at Noon, 1:30, 3:00 and 4:30. 

10U will play following the national rules (same as all age levels) and continue to play at 35’ pitching distance, use an 11” ball. 

8U will use the summer rules modified to reflect fall ball.  To keep cost down there will be no umpires used.

Play 3 weeks of league play on Sunday
Play 1 week of league play on Saturday for 8U-12U and Sunday for 14U-18U
Week 5 is the State tournaments played on Saturday for 8U-12U on and on Sunday for 14U-18U
Free substitution



Most games are played on Sunday's so as not to interfere with scholastic activities like volleyball and soccer. We develop athletes. Play as many sports as you can for as long as you can!

Game Dates:

  • August 26 - Fall League Week 1
  • September 9 - Fall League Week 2
  • September 16 - Fall League Week 3
  • September 22-23 - Fall League Week 4
  • September 29-30 - Minnesota Softball Fall State

If you have any questions about Fall Ball, please contact Andrew Scheck at:  763-232-0170

Minnesota Softball 2017 Fall Ball

CRFA is part of the Minnesota Softball League. For more information or updated schedules, please referred to their website!